Engagement Model for Teachers

Training teachers today to transform tomorrow

Well-trained and effective teachers are central to tackling the huge problem facing our education system today. A teacher should be a collaborator who facilitates learning rather than a pedantic instructor who imparts bookish knowledge to students. A Teacher-Student interaction should no longer be a one-way monologue but a two-way exchange of ideas. Rather than focusing only on imparting textbook knowledge, it is imperative that teachers teach their students how to “apply knowledge”. “Learning to learn” is an important skill that teachers need to help students acquire in order to get them ready to face the myriad challenges of a constantly changing world.

Our Teachers’ Training Programs are designed keeping exactly the above philosophy in mind. These programs are offered for both, in-service and pre-service teachers of Science, Mathematics and English. The training programs focus on training teachers on primary, secondary and high-school level Science and Mathematics using CTD’s unique content and methodology. The training programs are structured as easy-to-complete multi-level modules for teachers to gain command over these subjects.

Pre-service teachers who intend to enrol for a B.Ed. course or are currently undergoing their Teachers’ Training program in a B.Ed. College can benefit from CTD’s Foundation program. Our program supplements what a student-teacher learns during a B.Ed. course with emphasis on subject matter expertise in Physical Science, Natural Science, Mathematics and English– areas overlooked in B.Ed. CTD ties up with B.Ed. colleges to offer its Foundation program as an integrated course along with the B.Ed. curriculum.

In-service teachers can enrol for CTD’s Primary, Intermediate and Expert levels of training programs. These programs for experienced teachers focus on strengthening concepts in the subjects of Science and Mathematics of State, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB syllabi for primary, middle, secondary and high-school levels. Innovative teaching methods and increasing awareness about engineering & technology applications are an integral part of these programs.

Besides imparting subject matter expertise , our training programs include training on topics such as ICT, usage of internet in teaching, soft skills, presentation skills, peer collaboration in schools, managing children with special learning needs etc.

Our training programs are a combination of classroom and online instructor-led and self-paced modules that allow a teacher to learn at her/his own pace without compromising on quality.

If you are a teacher interested in our training programs, please contact us.