Engagement Model for Students

Changing the future one student at a time

Children’s life at school must necessarily be linked to their experiences outside the school – to the world around them; to things that they see and use and to practical applications. Children must be able to relate what they learn at school to what they see and experience around them and be able apply their knowledge to solve problems.

Even India’s National Curriculum Framework (NCF 2005) and NEP 2020 prescribe an increased focus on understanding concepts in a holistic manner and appreciation of practical applications of these concepts. But these are seldom part of the teaching approach in India’s schools.

CTD’s methodology of teaching introduces concepts in a holistic, practical and thought-provoking manner.

Student Programs

A student can avail any of the three products viz. Core-ConnectFuture-Connect and Success-Connect offered by Cloud-Tutors. These programs are conducted after school hours. A student can choose a schedule out of the many that are available that is convenient to him or her.

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