Our Expert Faculty Members


Rajesh A.Rao

Physics and Mathematics

Rajesh is an IIT-Madras alumni with a Masters degree from a US University. He quit his senior management job of 20 years in IT to start Connecting The Dots in 2013 driven by a passion to change how Science & Mathematics are taught. After extensive research of teaching methodologies of various countries and infusing it with his own insights, he developed the teaching methodology that all faculty of Cloud-Tutors currently use.

His classes on Physics and Mathematics are extremely popular with students. He has also trained several thousand teachers of Science & Mathematics and is probably one of the few CEOs whose first passion is teaching.


Deepa Rajeev


Deepa is an accomplished educator with a degree in Electrical engineering from one of the country's premier institutes. With an impressive 21-year teaching career, she specializes in guiding students in grades 10, 11, and 12. Her exceptional patience is her hallmark, ensuring that every student comprehends the concepts thoroughly before moving forward. Known for her unwavering commitment, Deepa goes above and beyond to support her students, coaching them for competitive exams such as IIT-JEE (Mains & Advanced), NEET, and CET. Her versatility shines as she has contributed to CBSE, ICSE, and international schools, not only as a physics teacher but also handling supervisory and academic responsibilities. .

Deepa's belief in the lasting impact of great teaching motivates her to foster a positive and secure learning environment where students naturally thrive. She is the proud recipient of the 'Most Effective Teacher' award, a testament to her dedication and excellence in education


Chaithra V


She is an accomplished individual with a strong academic and professional background in Biological Sciences. She earned her M.Sc in Biological Sciences from Bangalore University's Jnanabharathi campus, where she distinguished herself as a Gold medalist. Under the guidance of Dr. Kavita Isvaran at the Indian Institute of Science's Centre for Ecological Sciences, she completed her MSc dissertation. Her passion for wildlife conservation led her to an internship at the Centre for Wildlife Studies, where she studied human-wildlife conflict under the mentorship of Dr. Krithi K.

Karanth. With a dedication to education, she served as an Assistant Lecturer at Aakash Educational Services Private Limited (AESPL), offering valuable guidance to students preparing for board exams and competitive assessments including NTSE, Olympiads, NSEJS, and NEET. Currently, she is contributing her expertise as a biology faculty member at Connecting the Dots (CTD), further enriching her journey in the realm of education and life sciences.


Mariam Ali


Mariam is an accomplished Electronics & Communication engineer with a B. Ed. degree, blending technical expertise with a passion for education. With 7 years of dedicated experience, she has made her mark as a Mathematics teacher for students spanning the globe. Her commitment to education extends beyond STEM fields, as evidenced by her active participation in the poet counsel.

Mariam's journey also includes a notable project internship at ISRO, where she contributed to telemetric, showcasing her engagement with cutting-edge technology and space exploration. Her multifaceted background reflects a deep dedication to both teaching and innovation.


Padma N


Padma has a Masters degree in Chemistry and an M.Ed. She has 31 years of experience in teaching Chemistry. She has taught in schools and in Engineering colleges as a teacher, academic coordinator, and a Senior Professor.

She has been a recipient of “Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Best Teacher Award” and was among the top 5 finalists in All India Science Slam Contest. She is always eager to ignite the young minds and has been instrumental in kindling the spirit of exploration and a love for Chemistry in all her students. She never conducts a class without an activity or an experiment.


Ranjani Kandi


With Fundamental Physics and Astronomy as her special interests, Ranjani has done her M.Sc. in Physics and M.Phil. in Astrophysics from Christ University, Bengaluru. She has interned at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics. Coming from a family of teachers and academicians, she always had an inclination towards the field of education and wanted to be a part of it.

She is a vocal proponent of being an eternal learner, staying curious and channelising the knowledge hence gained, in concept-based education. She also has a corporate work experience of around 7 years.


Nalla Lakshmi Prasanna


Being a masters in Biochemistry, from Osmania University Hyderabad, Lakshmi Prasanna gained in-depth knowledge in the subject, She followed her passion and pursued M.Tech (Biotechnology) at IIT Hyderabad and accomplished her interest in life sciences. She has 7 years of experience in the teaching field, which makes her stand among other experienced faculty here.


Ramya Shivanna


She is an accomplished educator with a rich background with M.Sc, B.Ed in mathematics education and academic leadership. A recipient of the CV Raman Scholarship, she spent 6 years as a distinguished Math Faculty at Aakash Educational Services Private Limited, honing students' skills for competitive exams like JEE, KCET, NTSE, Olympiads, and PRMO.

Her impactful role as the Placement Cell Incharge at Bangalore University showcased her ability to bridge academia and industry, ensuring successful student placements. With a teaching philosophy centered on accessibility and critical thinking, her research contributions focus on innovative math education methodologies. Beyond her academic pursuits, she enjoys literature, art, and outdoor activities. Her journey reflects an unwavering commitment to education, mathematics, and empowering students for success.


Alok Bharadwaj

Chemistry & Biology

A dynamic educator, with an innate ability to communicate effectively and demonstrate adaptability, combines extensive knowledge with a genuine passion for science. As an exceptional teacher, he adeptly simplifies complex concepts, fostering a deep understanding among students. Alok's commitment to student success is evident in his personalized approach, encouraging active participation and addressing individual needs. His innovative teaching methods, integrated with technology and multimedia, fuel engagement and critical thinking. His contagious enthusiasm for science motivates students to develop scientific attitude and pursue that further and forever.

Alok's dedication to personal professional growth is showcased through his active involvement in workshops and conferences and qualifying a number of teaching examinations with good grades. Beyond academics, he is multitalented, nurturing interests in poetry, drawing, music, and adventure. Alok's impactful presence, both in classrooms and in his commitment to various causes, makes him a truly remarkable educator. As an enthusiastic advocate of learning, Alok strives not only to achieve his goals but also to inspire his students to embrace a lifelong journey of growth and discovery.